This group supports the poor in the developing countries, mainly (though not exclusively) through the work of CAFOD, by prayer, sharing information and fundraising.


  • “Drop the Debt” – Persuading governments to cancel the huge unpayable debts of poor countries
  • “Tradejustice” – Persuading the World Trade Organisation to stop allowing rich countries to give unfair agricultural subsidies which make it impossible for small farmers in the developing countries to compete
  • Writing letters does make a difference.


  • Well over £5000 has been raised each year over the last few years through Fast Days, sponsored events and social occasions – the work can be great fun!
  • Money is raised also by the sale of fairly traded goods which ensure that the people producing the products are paid a reasonable wage for their work so that they can become independent and able to support their own families.


  • Particularly around the Fast Days attention is drawn to the need for prayer by special liturgy and by the circulation of prayer cards.
  • CAFOD Thank you Days are advertised and attended by members of the group.
    Anyone who is interested in helping with the work of CAFOD locally is most welcome to join us.

Contact Josie Varney in person or email this website..

Find out more about CAFOD’s work nationally here and in the North-West here